When it comes to these services, you can trust OutDoor Dreams to be the best!

Lawn Maintenance

We offer maintenance programs for residential and commercial properties at terms you can live with. When OutDoor Dreams takes care of your home or business property you can rest assured your landscaping will always look its best.


Increase you property's value and curb appeal with our professional services. We offer a wide variety of design options to make your property really stand out.

Stone Work

Natural stone adds appeal to any lawn or property. We offer a wide variety of stone for flower beds, borders and walkways. Our flagstone work is second to none.

Tree Trimming

Nothing distracts from a beautiful lawn more than unsightly, overgrown trees. They can also be a safety hazard and cause expensive damage from falling limbs. Let our expert crew keep your trees safe and beautiful and healthy year-round by safely removing overgrown and property-threatening tree limbs.

Mulching & Fertilization Programs

Keep your beds and lawn healthy and weed free year round by letting us maintain them with fresh mulch and fertilizer. We'll keep up with the schedule so you don't have to.